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"I have nothing but great things to say about Core Therapy.
Jane the front desk receptionist was always amazing at scheduling me to get seen, and always friendly and welcoming when I came in. The office is always clean and has a nice environment.

I saw Claire, she is an amazing and very knowledgeable physical therapist. I first started seeing Claire for pelvic floor physical therapy, which she helped me work through fairly quickly.
Then I came back to see her for upper body flare-ups I have been dealing with. I truly enjoyed these sessions where I learned so much- like learning proper posture, and form. Understanding my body better while I navigate through my pain finding different stretches, exercises, and techniques that work for me. Thanks again, Claire!

I would definitely recommend Core Therapy!"

"Core therapy has truly altered the way I think about my body. After a terrible and traumatic (physically and mentally) delivery of my first baby, I needed pelvic floo therapy. Claire (Dr. Doroff) was amazing at explaining everything she was doing and why it was important. She also made sure that she was 100% clear and understanding on all of the things I was explaining to her. All of the exercises were demonstrated and she ensured I was doing them correctly while also teaching me how to activate the specific muscles that needed work. They do have a cancellation/ no show policy which is very commonplace and they made me aware of it when they called me to set up my first appointment. I learned so much about the pelvic floor and its importance as well as the necessity of having pre and post natal therapy. I finally feel like I’m getting my old, strong self back thanks to Claire. HIGHLY recommend 😁"

"I had the best experience with Core Therapy in Savannah and highly recommend them. The office is very friendly, professional and clean. My physical therapist Claire was absolutely amazing! She was knowledgeable, caring and helpful. The education and exercises I received were so helpful. I am very grateful for Claire and everyone at Core Health!"

"Excellent pelvic physical therapists. Alex was very knowledgeable and experienced. Her advice and treatment led to near complete resolution of symptoms."

"I have had terrible pelvic pain for as long as I can remember. Elise has been the first physical therapist to actually make a difference in my life. This office is very professional and I cannot recommend Elise enough. She is an all around great DPT and a great person."

"I have been going to Core Therapy since 2007. I just love them. I won't go anywhere else as long as they are open for business. I refer every one I know to them. Cathy and the staff are the best I have ever had, and
I have been doing PT since I was a senior in high school. They are super friendly and very professional. Cathy is always taking classes to increase her skills and knowledge of current practices. I would highly recommend them for any type of therapy not just pelvic therapy."

"What a blessing to have found Core Therapy after moving to Savannah from New York! The team here is really committed to their patients and dedicated to improving quality of life. I don't know what I would do without them!"

"The staff at Core is caring and professional. They made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I especially appreciate that it is a priority for this business to support our military service members and their families. Thanks for everything, Core!"

"Core Therapy is a fantastic office! I wouldn't go anywhere else. Alex is a knowledgeable and personable therapist. It's hard to find care givers who have the time to spend explaining everything and answering all your questions, let alone do with a smile and compassion. She is exemplary in her field and among her peers. Everyone who works there is pleasant and friendly. I had never heard "core therapy" until this year, when my GP referred me. And I am so she did."

"The staff at Core is caring and professional. They made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I especially appreciate that it is a priority for this business to support our military service members and their families. Thanks for everything, Core!"

"Alex is one of the absolute best PTs out there! She was kind, patient, helpful, and always wanting to know how she could make her patient's experience even easier. She always went above and beyond to help! Thank you, Alex, for all of your help!"

"I am a former patient of Core Therapy! I was very pleased with the professionalism of the physical therapist there and the care I received! I suffered from pelvic pain for many years before my urologist suggested pelvic floor therapy and the services of Core Therapy!! I would highly recommend them! I never knew this type of physical therapy even existed!"

"Cathy runs such a fantastic clinic. Her knowledge and skill is exceptional, and she has the unique ability to make every patient feel that they are her top priority. She puts in all the extra time and effort to go above and beyond. Absolutely top-notch care, especially for a field that can be so difficult for some people to ask for help in."

"After recently being diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder and researching my options, I decided to have physical therapy with Cathy Neal, and am so glad that I did.  She specializes in pelvic floor rehab, and in working with her I was impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to helping me reach my 'pelvic floor potential.'  She also taught me how to perform everyday tasks and exercises so I could support that area without causing anymore harm.  And it has improved my sex life!  My thanks to Cathy for all of her hard work and encouragement - she really knows her job."

"When I met Cathy, I was recovering from a major car accident during the outpatient phase of my physical therapy.  Although I had fractured my 2nd vertebrae, I was experiencing trauma in numerous parts of my body.  I expressed discomfort in my lower back, but Cathy was the only one who noticed that my pelvis and SI joint were off.  She treated me, realigning my pelvis, and has educated me by showing me home exercises which have helped to strengthen the core of my pelvis.  She is sensitive, caring, knowledgeable, qualified and has helped me to regain my strength and improve my quality of life."

"Wonderful. Everything is wonderful! From Cathy who knows her business like nobody's business,... to the treatment space itself which is calming and quiet. I'm being treated for Pelvic Pain Disorder at the age of 57, after living with the pain of endometriosis the entire time of my ovulating. It's very possible that if what Cathy does had been available when I was first diagnosed in 1989, I might have been able to have a baby. I'm just happy for the young ladies with endo now who have a much better chance at pregnancy than I and many generations of other women with endo ever had."

"Prior to coming to Core Therapy, my bladder spasms due to interstitial cystitis were out of control.  The combination of manual therapy, stretches and breathing exercises has make a significant impact in the reduction of my daily spasm levels.  I now feel that I can get out and enjoy myself rather than being afraid to leave the comfort of my house."

"I have had physical therapy for what I feel is a very embarrassing problem, but through the kindness, patience and understanding of Cathy Neal, as well as her wonderful 'bedside manner', I feel like I have benefited from the therapy."


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