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What our patients have said about us:

"After recently being diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder and researching my options, I decided to have physical therapy with Cathy Neal, and am so glad that I did.  She specializes in pelvic floor rehab, and in working with her I was impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to helping me reach my 'pelvic floor potential.'  She also taught me how to perform everyday tasks and exercises so I could support that area without causing anymore harm.  And it has improved my sex life!  My thanks to Cathy for all of her hard work and encouragement - she really knows her job."    JF  

"When I met Cathy, I was recovering from a major car accident during the outpatient phase of my physical therapy.  Although I had fractured my 2nd vertebrae, I was experiencing trauma in numerous parts of my body.  I expressed discomfort in my lower back, but Cathy was the only one who noticed that my pelvis and SI joint were off.  She treated me, realigning my pelvis, and has educated me by showing me home exercises which have helped to strengthen the core of my pelvis.  She is sensitive, caring, knowledgeable, qualified and has helped me to regain my strength and improve my quality of life."      EC 

"I have had physical therapy for what I feel is a very embarrassing problem, but through the kindness, patience and understanding of Cathy Neal, as well as her wonderful 'bedside manner', I feel like I have benefited from the therapy."    RS


"Wonderful. Everything is wonderful! From Cathy who knows her business like nobody's business,... to the treatment space itself which is calming and quiet. I'm being treated for Pelvic Pain Disorder at the age of 57, after living with the pain of endometriosis the entire time of my ovulating. It's very possible that if what Cathy does had been available when I was first diagnosed in 1989, I might have been able to have a baby. I'm just happy for the young ladies with endo now who have a much better chance at pregnancy than I and many generations of other women with endo ever had." SJ

"Prior to coming to Core Therapy, my bladder spasms due to interstitial cystitis were out of control.  The combination of manual therapy, stretches and breathing exercises has make a significant impact in the reduction of my daily spasm levels.  I now feel that I can get out and enjoy myself rather than being afraid to leave the comfort of my house."   CL

"The therapists at Core Therapy are extremely knowledgeable about pelvic floor conditions and have profoundly changed my quality of life in a only a few short visits."   KC

"When I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, my urologist just shrugged his shoulders.  Unfortunately, the small Midwestern town that I lived in did not have a single physical therapist who could help me.  Even after years of pain, I'd never once heard my doctor use the words Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - a testament to the lack of knowledge in which my medical community was immersed.  For years I simply took over-the-counter pain medication, which only served to give me bleeding stomach ulcers, all while researching the illness as best I could.  But the pain got worse and worse.  I was depressed and truly, utterly hopeless.  When I moved to Savannah, one of the first things my new urologist said was, "Have you heard of Core Therapy?"  Before long, every doctor I saw who knew that I had IC would make a point of telling me about Cathy and Core Therapy.  I heard things like, "Cathy Neal, Core Therapy founder, (and all around superhero) is the best in town."  And she was.  Her bedside manner is truly professional and empathetic.  She's easy to talk to and walks you through each treatment, making what could be embarrassing treatments feel safe and calming.  She's an avid learner, always training in more advanced modes of treatment.  After a few years of off and on care, I may still know that me IC will never completely go away, but I have hope for remission.  Hope - something I never had.  And I have confidence in Core Therapy and all that I've been taught there.  My IC doesn't seen insurmountable anymore, as it used to, because I have Cathy and her team by my side.  I'm so lucky to have found them!"   KB